One of the finest tea for all the moments. A must use tea for moments of happiness, as a refreshing tea, for get togethers and all.

Kaushik Anand

One of the best commercially produced tea in the India. On the stronger side. Very good packaging.

Ritesh Mahato

Pride of Kishanganj. A tea from the tea city of Bihar spreading its wings across the nation. Great quality bundled with reasonable prices. A must buy. They are selling everything from CTC Tea, Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea to Iced Tea

Subendu Chakraborty

Wow... You get fantastic range of amazing tea. Brand Kishanganj - Brand Bihar. I loved their green tea very much. Normal Rajbari Gold is a household name in kishanganj

Hasan Reza

It is the major aspect of its popularity as its flavor gives an instant Aroma of quite strong feel of Tea fragrance into your taste for an ultimate experience.

Gajendra pandey

The first cup of tea that you should try comes from Rajbari. Not only is Rajbari one of the top tea brands, they are also the First largest distributor of tea in the Bihar. and offers a wide variety of flavors and products

Dr.Nishu Chaudhari

Rajbari tea! It taste so good that my entire family said they have tasted "real tea". I made myself the tea. I gave to my mom, and my brother & sister. All of them said it is real good. I will keep purchage only Rajbari Tea for my lifetime. I just called up all my friends and asked them to Purchage too. So excited to taste a real Rajbari tea. Not sure what I was drinking all these years from so called "brand" teas.

Roshan Sah

I am a tea lover and I have taste many kinds of tea of many brands. But the tea, which I always prefer to have, or the tea, which I always love to sip, is the Rajbari Tea.The flavour, the colour and the aroma of Rajbari tea are very nice which makes me feel so fresh and energetic.

Rahul kumar

I am tea person and like to have tea, Recently we started using Rajbari tea and totally loved it. Aroma of this tea is very good, rich & refreshing and it’s taste like tea we get in hotel, restaurants which is always different from homemade tea.

Sushil Jha

Me and my family likes strong tea. and Rajbari Tea is the only tea which satisfy my needs. The aroma which I got while preparing Rajbari tea. and while drinking the …

Vicky Rajak

This tea is very strong and you need to add a little less amount to get proper taste in compare to other tea product. There are many alternatives of tea at its price range but none of them can give a competition to Rajbari Tea. This is the strongest and most amazing taste having tea.


Rajbari tea a very delicious n mood refreshing tea .I really love it’s flavour.my whole family liked the taste.



It's a good tea. Infact my whole family likes it. I am a tea lover and it seems to be my perfect pick.



Good and pure Quality tea at most reasonable price. Garden fresh. The flavor is too good. Complete value for money



The quality of tea is superb and the rates are quite reasonable. One of the best teas, I ever had.



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